Sunday, 22 March 2015

HMT NASS 11 'long' review.

As I wrote in my earlier post, this the second and the longer review of my HMT NASS11(New movement Automatic Steel case Steel bracelet 11) watch. Like I wrote, this watch has the miyota 8205 movement. It has date and bilingual day. It has unidirectional winding. The rotor has ball bearings, a kind of design which I like. This kind of design has an advantage over the Rolex type rotor where the rotor post has a jewel. The advantage is that in case of a very severe shock the jewel cracks and thus has to be repaired (in case of Rolex) but if the rotor has ball bearings there no to very little damage done to the winding mechanism. Let me come back to the review before I get carried away ;).The movement has twenty one jewels which is quite standard for an automatic movement in this price range.

The dial has a raised checkered pattern.The dial is black matte. The green dots on the dial are just for the looks they do not glow. The day-date window has raised silver border. The indices on the dial do not have a 'pure' silver color instead, the indices have a brownish-silver color. The same applies for the raised HMT logo. I  think this gives the watch a sort of 'vintage' look which I like. It is like owning a vintage watch without any of the drawbacks which a vintage watch may have.
The case of the watch is steel and so is the bracelet. The lugs are hooded and have a horizontal brush finish which I quite like. They watch case is not that hefty alone, but with the bracelet, it is quite hefty. Except the lugs the rest of the watch has a mirror-polished finish (although I have badly scratched that up). The case back is a screw-on type which provides better protection against dust and dirt. The watch measures approximately 35mm across without the crown and 10mm thick.
Overall, I quite like the watch and would recommend to anyone who has a small wrist or who likes vintage watches but do not want any drawbacks which a vintage watch may have. The current MRP. is 4000 INR.
UPDATE- The new Rolex Caliber 3255 has ball bearings.


  1. Hi,
    Where did you purchase this watch from? I am trying for this watch but I could not get it anywhere. Please mail me the details if you have time. Thank you

    1. Dear sir, I bought this watch from a showroom last year sometime in January. This what has become quite rare and I have not seen any piece for sale since the closure of HMT was announced.

  2. If you ever want to sell this NASS, mail me.