Tuesday, 17 June 2014

What is a mechanical watch?

Before 1970s there were basically two types of watches you could get, mechanical and automatic.Well, most of the people nowadays ask me what is a mechanical watch.I have tried my best to explain this in my blog.
HMT hand wound movement.
Mechanical watch also known as hand-wound watch is one in which one has to wind the watch regularly by the crown  in order to keep the watch running.This has to be done regularly (after every 24 hrs)or after the time intervals told by the manufacturer. If the watch has a power reserve indicator, then the watch has to wound when the indicator points at low.
Automatic watch is one in which the watch's mainspring is wound by the movement of the wearer's wrist.It is also a mechanical watch.It consists of a semi-circular weight which moves with the movement of the wearer's wrist.When the weight moves, it activates a set of gears which wind the mainspring.There are two kinds of automatics, one which is uni-directional,that is,the watch's mainspring is wound when the weight moves only in one direction.The other type is bi-directional winding,that is,the watch is wound when the weight moves in any direction,that is,either left or right it does not matter. I cannot post the pic of my automatic right now.Will post it when I will do a review on it.
The detailed article is here
Last but not the least,quartz. Quartz is your regular battery operated watch. It has a quartz crystal in it which vibrates at the frequency of 32768 Hz.There is a chip in the watch which counts it and then the hands move.I think there is no need to post the pic of a quartz watch as most of you would be aware of it.


  1. so what you basically mean that an automatic watch is not a mechanical watch?

  2. Dear sir,
    An automatic watc is also a mechanical watch. In fact it's full name is mechanical automatic.

  3. Read all your articles. Great job!